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Snoring and Sleep Debt in Turtles

Turtles sleep for different reasons, but they all need to have a regular sleeping habit in order to be comfortable and live long. Turtles do not have lungs that are the same as ours, so their breathing is different. Their respiration is actually through their mouth which opens while they sleep and it also comes out of their mouth as a breath. This is why it is so important to learn how your turtle's sleep and be patient with this behavior. A turtle that doesn't get enough sleep will not be as healthy as one that spends their time sleeping. This article will provide information on what your turtle needs while they are asleep and some tips for making sure you have their best sleeping habits.

Turtles are very active creatures. As a result, they need exercise to maintain their strength and their flexibility. Turtles have the unique ability to stretch their entire bodies when they sleep and this helps them do so while still maintaining control over their body movements. Unfortunately, because of the need for exercise, turtles often end up sleeping at the bottom of their aquarium.

You may notice that your turtle is moving around while you are looking at them. This is due to the turtles' muscles going throughout their whole body while they are asleep. For example, if your turtle was crawling while they were asleep, they will be crawling as their muscles are being controlled by their legs. This helps  keep the balance of the turtle sleep.

Turtles have been known to snore when they are sleeping. Snoring is caused by the vibration of their soft throats as they sleep. In order to stop your turtle from snoring, you may want to run a small vacuum over their snore area. They will likely roll over a bit, but you should be able to dislodge anything that might be causing them to snore.

If your turtle hasn't been moving for a while, their gills will probably be sloughing off or even hanging off. This is due to them not having the air they need to breathe properly. You can gently move the turtle back in their aquarium to allow them to breath better. If you have a live tank, you can try putting a piece of food down their chest just below their gills to let them take in the scent. You may also want to place a piece of lettuce down there for added flavor.

One of the last signs of  the sleeping habit of turtles, is that they become cold. It isn't uncommon for them to shiver when you hold them in your hand. If your turtle isn't used to having someone to hold them, they may feel uncomfortable and possibly ill. If you do notice that your turtle isn't feeling well, take them to the vet right away. The vet can perform a variety of different tests to see what is causing the turtle to act out of character.

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